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Stoompomp - Era Based Couture

The South African steampunk factory which proudly designs, and manufactures a steampunk inspired couture range.

For purchase and stockist enquiries please contact:

Heidi du Toit (Owner and Designer of Stoompomp)

Tel No: +27 11 660 4250 / +27 11 660 2561


925 Rebellion

An entertainment and lifestyle site dedicated to gaming, music, film, arts, culture, zombies, and so much more.

Hollywood Costumes (Johannesburg)

A costume parlor with a wide range of manufactured and imported costumes and accessories. Accessories include the widest range of hats and wigs. Even live casts, customized masks, and any other fantasies you can think of! 

Hollywood's customers include television, film, advertising companies, general corporate companies, schools, and the general public.

A fun filled day for Geeks brought to you by The Dark Carnival. Bring the whole family, and your pets.


A South African company committed to providing its customers access to the latest comic books, graphic novels, collectables and related merchandise from around the world.

Tipsi Gypsi & Madam Pipi

A company which creates hand made, and source Vintage, Steampunk, Gothic, and Victorian clothing, and accessories of all kinds to satisfy all of your desires.

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